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"Jeric is a true blue Singapore icon dedicated to serve and satisfy your glorious need".


The reasons that make us different from the others.


Top hygiene standards

Clean, disposable bio-degradable towels.

Single use capes; disposable ones are

available and on request.

Constant cleaning and sanitizing of

premises and equipment.

Disposable slippers for foot relieves.


Premium services

Complimentary snacks and tea.

Alternative beverage, like health beneficial Kangen water,

Freshly grounded coffee roast, and comforting

decaffeinated Aveda tea are available.

Plenty of USB electrical sockets for personal use.

Laptop tables and phone charging services

are available for use on request.

Assistance with food order if you get hungry.

Deluxe experience

Complimentary head oil massage before shampooing.

Hot towels neck massage after shampooing.

Get beautifully blown hair with Dyson Supersonic

Professional hairdryer.

Our promise

Leaving, looking better than when you stepped in.

No pushy sales.

festive Promotions

WEEKDAY OFF PEAK DEALS 11am-12pm & 2pm-4pm
Tel: 65099709 For Appointment

Hair Model

$298usual $400
Cut & Parisien Keratin Treatment
Weekday Off Peak Promotion 11-12pm / 2-4pm
No request for stylist
Bust-length to add $35 more

for men $23

blonde hair

$480usual $950
Unlimited Bleaching, Strengthening Treatment, Colour
Weekday Off Peak Promotion 11-12pm / 2-4pm
No request for stylist
Bust-length to add $35 more

for men $288

Natural Beauty

$118usual $165
Cut & Scalp Treatment for oily, dry & sensitive.
Weekday Off Peak Promotion 11-12pm / 2-4pm
No request for stylist​.
for men $98

Long Hair

$298usual $400
Cut, Colour & Aveda Hair Treatment
Weekday Off Peak Promotion 11-12pm / 2-4pm
No request for stylist​
Bust-length to add $35 more


Google review 4.7


Nominated the best & finest hair salon in singapore.

Reviews from our satisfied customers

Contributions from Priscilla Tan

1 months ago

Was at Jeric ION and Director Winnie cut my hair so well that i do not need to comb my hair yet looks great. It means she has did a great job on my  thick hair. She is do careful and very patience takes time to shape my hair. Definitely will come back. Service by the assistant Liling massage was excellent.


Contributions from Jennifer Cheng

1 month ago

Through recommendation from friends that i must see Miko for a hair cut and was indeed her service given was good. I love the new cut she given and shall get my friends to come too.:)


Contributions from Teresa Teo

2 weeks ago.

Went to ION and Maggie was my stylist never disappoint me at all. The team is very helpful and service was excellent. My friends like my hair so much. Thank you Maggie. You the best!


Contributions from Julie Hong

4 weeks ago

Finally got my hair highlight and cut short too. Colour was so beautifully done that all my friends commented i look younger. Loving the hair now. Assistant Sheeny massage was best! My stylist is Gee.


Contributions from Mrs. Margaret Hingh

2 weeks ago

I was very impressed with Nardo Lee at ION. He knew my styles and the colour he did was exactly i wanted. The team are very friendly and especially assistant Terry was very kind as he buy me a sandwich after he knew i had not eaten. Best salon in Singapore!

parisien smooth treatment
Price: $280-$380 (lasting 1-2 months)
kerarganic keratin treatment
ice: $320-$650 (lasting 2 - 3 months)



60 mins later, this treatment changes my life..... hair became so manageable,
amazingly soft & lasted  more than very long.

Before After.jpg

before                                   after

our customers review about this amazing treatment

1. Hair becomes shiny and change in texture, become like a new person again…

2. Its like going back to my younger days when my hair is smooth….

3. My boyfriend cannot stop touching my hair, its so soft….

4 Was told it last 2-3 months, but lasted longer then I thought…..

5. Its going to be this treatment only for me….

6. Its so manageable now and i could walk out of home without blowdry….

7. My head looks smaller and frizz is gone….….

8. Friends also said i look very different from before and hair is beautiful now …..

9. I have spend shorter time blow drying hair ….

10. It save my hair from breaking after the treatment.......

Kerarganic keratin treatment $320 up.

The Kerarganic treatments is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment

that smoothens and adds shine to frizzy hair.

FORMALDEHYDE FREE - the only of its kind in the market with 24 kt gold

nano particles and natural extracts Argan oils.

What is done:

The hair is double cleansed before the application of the organic keratin liquid.

The hair is then blown dry and ironed throughout to seal the keratin.

A masque is last applied to seal the hair cuticles.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours or so depending.

Keratin Treatment benefits:

1) Best for those with natural wavy hair who would like to have straighter hair without chemical rebonding treatment.

2. Great even for fizzy fine or bleached hair.

3) Adds moisture and shine for those with virgin (unbleached) hair.

4) Change of hair texture allows for an improved appearance with a fresher, new look.

Smooth straight hair that does not look flat!

Milbon M5 Hair Treatment $230 up.

Global Milbon Smooth Treatment nourishes dry and damaged hair.

This 5 step treatment smoothes cuticle to enhance texture and shine,

leaving every strand feeling silky- smooth and soft.
SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex which targets hollow tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair which contribute to loss of dullness, split ends, and breakage. It effectively improves hair's overall integrity, inside out. Price also includes a free home care kit. 

Rebonding All types $255 up.

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes hair straight, shiny and sleek. Hair rebonding involves using a cream or relaxant soften and break the natural bondage of hair structure, followed by a neutraliser to closes the hair cuticle again.

Natural Beauty

Differences with Rebonding, Keratin & Soft straight perm.

Hair Rebonding is a chemical procedure used to permanently restructure the bonds in your hair, leaving you silky straight hair. It employs chemicals and heat to help you achieve straight hair through ironing in very thin sectioning. A 3 hours service usually, this is a treatment recommended for no more then service twice a year. 

2. Keratin Treatment is semi permanent hair natural looking straightening  procedure that smoothens and add shine to frizzy hair without looking flat.  

Feel free to go for Keratin treatment as often as you like. in fact, it is highly recommended to do it every 3 months minimally for very shiny, strong and soft hair.

3. Soft Straight or Soft Rebonding is a milder version of hair rebonding. At Jeric Salon, this treatment gives the best of both worlds where you may have gorgeous straight hair till about mid length remains your curly or wavy looks. A treatment thats lasts about 3 month, soft rebonding is recommended for those with less curly and thin hair.

Please do consult with expert hairstylist on and before the service for best results as there are many brands.    

scalp treatment for the Oily, dry, sensitive even treating hairloss! $95 signature.

Our scalp treatment uses Aveda essential oil to exfoliate your scalp and loosen the impurities. It comes along with a 20 minute massage to enhance microcirculation, letting you relax while cleansing your scalp. 

There are 4 different Aveda essential oil for varying hair conditions which would be chosen according to individual needs. Jeric's salon even offers customizable scalp and hair treatments as an add on service.   Add a shampoo and blow for just $125


signature 20 mins head massage $60  

Pamper yourself with a treat. At $60, rejuvenate and feel refreshed with our signature

Head Massage. Let our expert hands take awaythe tension and stiffness from your head

and shoulders. You would be wanting to come back for more. 

Lush Curly Hairstyle

C-Curls perm $255 up

C-Curls Perm is lovely for anyone wanting to venture a little beyond typical straight hair without having to be afraid of" being too much".There is added bounce to the hair since the hair is  actually straight root down mid length, with loose curls at the ends, which is achieved either with the digital heat or cold wave technique. 

A digital heat perm has more longevity, lasting 6 months or more, while the cold wave technique would last about 3 months, and gives softer curls overall. There would be a personal consult before the perming, where Jeric's stylist would advise and decide accordingly based on hair condition and texture. 

Girl with Tight Curls

Aveda color 96% natural derived $230 up.

Enhance your locks with Aveda Colour. Hailing from USA is all about  natural, vibrant , fade resistant colour. At Jeric's salon our colour expert will customised the treatment for your personal wanted results. We believe in personalising the look to you to make you look the best possible YOU.  

Ombre / Balayages highlights
$195 - $265

A popular highlighting technique balayages colouring remains a top trend with celebrities. It was first started by a french hairstylist where using painting strokes were used to create random movements. Our favourite sun kissed blond colour, wher toning is toning the finishing colour after the lightening is done using a bleaching technique. Bleaching is used for this service. For Aveda Hair Strengthening or similar treatments to protect your hair against damage.

Additional cost $45 - $90

Hair Models

After colour treatment $55 - $85

After a colour service, we definitely advocate a post treatment for the scalp to seal the hair cuticles for your colour to fade slower, and therefore last longer. Get comfortable while getting a scalp cleanse! Thanks to a relaxing massage and its cool minty sensation, our After Colour Treatment aids in relieving the scalp of any prior treatment discomfort. The cool mint tinkling sensation on scalp also provide cleansing and relieves with a relaxing massage.







At Jeric, our team of stylists are experience in working with all hair

types and texture. After a consultation, enjoy an complimentary

head massage ritual using natural essential oils for a relaxation experience.

We provide signature Stress-Relieveing Scalp services that

use are naturally derived to ensure the well being of you.






Korean digital Perm, Japanese layering cuts, Bleaching and Colouring.

Bridal Make-up.


25 years



Winnie Goh of the JERIC SALON and a trainer back in the days of Jeric Academy and Salon which started working since 2005.
Winnie has attained the highest standard of hairstylist experiences through attending many courses and seminars in London, Paris, Korean, Japan and Italy.
She also attended numerous training 
in colouring and treatments
with the Aveda USA. 
She has styled for many Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan recording artistes naming a few are Emil Chou,
Ekin Cheng, FIR, Sodagreen, Wilba Pan, Lin Zhi  Xuan, Lee Sheng Jie, Angela Chang, Cai Xin and more. 
Her regular client includes MediaCorps artistes like Paige Chua, Jeanne Danker and many.
She also did many backstage hairstyling for designer fashion designer show for G-star, Anteprima, Singapore Fashion Weeks, Harper Bazaar fashion awards, designer award 2018 & 2019, Gatsby hair products launches, Radio 933 Music Award 2010 to 2015, Miss Singapore Pageants, Miss World Singapore 2018 & 2019, Her World Project Model Awards and many.

Winnie, a person who are passionate about her creations and always attentive to fine details on what she does for her clients.
She also does bridal make-up, she has beautifies many celebrities faces too.
She is fashionable too and frequently updates her self through travels to all fashion capitals for inspirations.
Winnie hair cutting skills are towards Japanese styles is perfection, she would take full effort when attending to her client.

Meet the Team









Xiao Mei





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Our awards


Best Colour Salon for Singapore

Her World Project M Model Award


Best Aveda Photo Colour Contest Award is National Champion

Miss World Singapore - Hair Sponsor

Her World Project M Model Award

Miss Tourism GLOBAL Singapore - Hair Sponsor

Harper's Bazaar New Gen Designer Contest - Hair Sponsor


Her World Readers Voted Best Aveda Scalp Treatment

Official Hairstylist for Channel News Asia Broadcastors


Her World Readers Voted Best Balayages Colour

Best Vegan Colour Photo Contest / Nardo Lee

Miss World Singapore - Hair Sponsor


Official Hairstylist for Channel News Asia Broadcastors

Official Hairstylist for Wang Lei E-Concert /Hyperlive

Official Hairstylist for Hyperlive Live Stream Host Contest

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Thank you and we'll get back to you soon!


2 Orchard Turn, B4-48 Ion Orchard, Singapore 238801 Tel: 65099709 email

Opens 10am to 9pm daily

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Hair Salon

Hairstylist & Freelance needed. Our salon has over flow of walk ins and calling all hairstylist with who needed a fantastic working space with the ability to grow and becomes a top notch hairstylist.

The rewarding career path at Jeric's are with many benefits. High basic salary & good commission system. Training and work together with Jeric See. Work with 6 days off per month, flexible working hours are also negotiable during interviews.

Call 97876500 Ivy ( office hours only) 

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