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ION ORCHARD B4-48 opens daily 11am - 8pm Call 65099709

Our salon offers a unique and personalized experience. 

Clean, disposable bio-degradable towels.

Single use capes; disposable ones are available and on request.

Disposable slippers for foot relieves.

Rest Room / Toilet is a few step away.

Complimentary snacks and tea.

Alternative beverage, like health beneficial Kangen water,

Freshly grounded coffee roast, and comforting

Decaffeinated Aveda tea are available.

Plenty of USB electrical sockets for personal use.

Laptop tables and phone charging services

are available for use on request.

Whole ION basement food choices to order from.

Complimentary head oil massage before shampooing.

Hot towels neck massage after shampooing.

Get beautifully blown hair with Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

Leaving, looking better than when you stepped in.

No pushy sales.

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Nominated the best & finest hair salon in Singapore.

Hair Model

$308usual $469

Cut & Jeric's Keratin Treatment

(lasts 4 - 6 weeks)

Weekday Off Peak Promotion

11-12pm / 2-4pm

No request for stylist.

Bust-length to add $35 more

for Men $238


$128usual $210

Cut & 1 - Step Hair Treatment

for dry and damaged hair.

Weekday Off Peak Promotion

11-12pm / 2-4pm

No request for stylist​.

for Men $108

Hair Model

$322usual $460

Cut, Colour & any

1- step Hair Treatment

Weekday Off Peak Promotion

11-12pm / 2-4pm

No request for stylist​.

Bust-length to add $35 more

Hair Model

$588usual $950

Unlimited Bleaching, Strengthening Treatment, Any Colour

Weekday Off Peak Promotion

11-12pm / 2-4pm

No request for stylist.

Bust-length to add $35 more

for Men $388

ION ORCHARD B4-48 opens daily 11am - 9pm
Call 65099709 for immediate appointment and enquiries. Thank you.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Hair Cut
Questions & Answers

what's the Differences between Rebonding,

Keratin & Soft rebonding?

1.Hair Rebonding is a chemical procedure used to permanently

restructure the bonds in your hair, leaving you silky straight hair.

It employs chemicals and heat to help you achieve straight hair

through ironing in very thin sectioning.

It takes 2-3 hours usually and this service procedure is recommended

for maximun twice a year. 

Price starts $300 - $450

2. Kerarganic Keratin Treatment is semi permanent hair natural looking

straightening  procedure that

smoothens and add shine to frizzy hair without looking flat.  

Feel free to go for Keratin treatment as often as you like.

In fact, it is highly recommended to do it every 1 - 2 months

minimally for very shiny, strong and soft hair.

Price starts $350 - $650

3. Soft Straight or Soft Rebonding does not have a result of a

complete straight hairstyle. At Jeric Salon, this treatment gives

the best of both worlds where you may turn the curly wooly frizzy

into wavy looks as some prefer it natural. This after service

procedure can lasts about 2 - 4 month.

Please do consult with expert hairstylist on and before the service

for best results as there are many brands which has difference strength.

Price starts $185 - $285  


What is Keratin treatment?

(lasting 4 months)

The Keratin treatments is a semi-permanent hair straightening

treatment that smoothens and adds shine to frizzy hair.

FORMALDEHYDE FREE - the only of its kind in the market with

24 kt gold nano particles and natural extracts Argan oils.

What is done:

The hair is double cleansed before the application of the organic keratin liquid.

The hair is then blown dry and ironed throughout to seal the keratin.

A masque is last applied to seal the hair cuticles.

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours or so depending.

Argan Keratin Treatment benefits:

1) Best for those with natural wavy hair who would like to have straighter hair

without chemical rebonding treatment.

2. Great even for fizzy fine or bleached hair.

3) Adds moisture and shine for those with virgin (unbleached) hair.

4) Change of hair texture allows for an improved appearance with a fresher, new look.

Smooth straight hair that does not look flat!

Price starts $400 - $750

What is C-Perm ?

C-Curls Perm is lovely for anyone wanting to venture a little beyond typical straight hair

without having to be afraid of" being too much".There is added bounce to the hair since

the hair is  actually straight root down mid length, with loose curls at the ends, which is

achieved either with the digital heat or cold wave technique. 

A digital heat perm has more longevity, lasting 6 months or more, while the cold wave

technique would last about 3 months, and gives softer curls overall. There would be a

personal consult before the perming, where Jeric's stylist would advise and decide

accordingly based on hair condition and texture.

Price starts $250 - $380

What is After colour treatment?

After a colour service, we definitely advocate a post treatment for the scalp to

seal the hair cuticles for your colour to fade slower, and therefore last longer.

Get comfortable while getting a scalp cleanse!

Thanks to a relaxing massage and its cool minty sensation,

our After Colour Treatment aids in relieving the scalp of any prior treatment

discomfort. The cool mint tinkling sensation on scalp also provide cleansing

and relieves with a relaxing massage.

Price starts $55 - $85

Signature head massage
Pamper yourself with a treat. At $60, rejuvenate and feel refreshed with

our signature Head Massage. Let our expert hands take away the tension and stiffness from your head

and shoulders. You would be wanting to come back for more. 

Price starts $60 for 20 minutes.

Milbon M5 Hair Treatment

Global Milbon Smooth Treatment nourishes dry and damaged hair.

This 5 step treatment smoothes cuticle to enhance texture and shine,

leaving every strand feeling silky- smooth and soft.
SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex which targets hollow tubular gaps that form

in chemically treated hair which contribute to loss of dullness, split ends, and breakage.

It effectively improves hair's overall integrity, inside out.

Price also includes a free home care kit. 

Price starts $220 - $300


Rebonding All types
Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes hair straight, shiny and sleek.

Hair rebonding involves using a cream or relaxant soften and break the natural

bondage of hair structure, followed by a neutraliser to closes the hair cuticle again.

Price starts $300 - $450

Oily, dry, sensitive even treating hairloss!

Our scalp treatment uses Aveda essential oil to exfoliate your scalp and loosen

the impurities. It comes along with a 20 minute massage to enhance micro

circulation, letting you relax while cleansing your scalp. 

There are 4 different Aveda essential oil for varying hair conditions which

would be chosen according to individual needs. Jeric's salon even offers

customizable scalp and hair treatments as an add on service.  

Price $105 as add-on. Add shampoo and blow $125.

Aveda color 96% natural derived

Enhance your locks with Aveda Colour. Hailing from USA is all about  natural,

vibrant , fade resistant colour. At Jeric's salon our colour expert will

customised the treatment for your personal wanted results. We believe in

personalising the look to you to make you look the best possible YOU.

Price starts $185 for roots touch up and whole head $250 - $500. 


Balayages  Highlights
Balayage (taken from the French word for 'sweeping') is a subtle freehand

colouring technique. Colour is painted directly onto designated sections of

the hair without using foil. The result is a more natural, sun-kissed hue, without

any harsh contrast between colours. Bleach is usually used for this service.

Price starts $300 - $450

Questions & Answers 

At Jeric, our skilled and experienced hairstylists

can deliver excellent

results and offer professional advice.

Our Recent credentials

Official Hairstylist for CNA


Her World Readers Voted Best Balayages Colour

Best Vegan Colour Photo Contest / Nardo Lee

Miss World Singapore


Official Hairstylist for CNA

Official Hairstylist for Wang Lei E-Concert /Hyperlive

Official Hairstylist for Hyperlive Live Stream Host Contest

International Jewellery show 


Official Hairstylist for CNA

Raffles Designer Show

Winnie Goh

Director / Hairstylist

Meet Winne Goh, an expert Hair Stylist and Colorist with over 20 years of experience.

Since 2009, she has been working with founder Jeric, honing her craft with trainings

from the Aveda USA, Japan and London. Winnie has styled the hair of many Taiwan

and HongKong singing artistes, and has also been styling the hair of many local

Mediacorp artistes, including Paige Chua. Winnie has also done many fashion

shows and her style is always on point and fashionable. In addition, she is very

meticulous and almost a perfectionist when it comes to cutting hair.

Zophia Lee

Artistic director / Hairstylist /Colourist

Starting as a hair assistant and working her way up to pursue her dream career as a

hairstylist is truly inspiring. Saving up enough money to attend a prestigious school

like London Toni & Guy in 2000 shows her determination and commitment to her


After graduating, Sophia's experience in London salons must have been invaluable

for her growth as a hairstylist. Returning to Toni & Guy in 2004, this time as a

Hairstylist and Colour Technician at the Kings Road Branch, must have been a proud

moment for her. It shows that her skills and talent were recognized within the company.

After spending a decade in London, Sophia decided it was time to go back to her

roots. Joining Kim Robinson as a Hairstylist/Colourist was a significant move for her.

Being given the opportunity to style many celebrities and work on fashion runway

shows is a testament to her expertise and reputation in the industry.

It seems like Sophia's career has been filled with exciting opportunities and valuable

experiences. Her dedication and talent as a hairstylist have allowed her to excel in

her field and work with renowned personalities.

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